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A happy boxer dog with his tongue out
We love our boxers. These folks do too!

I have had the pleasure of loving the Boxer breed my whole life.  I have personally purchased four boxers from breeders in the past 20 years.  It definitely is essential that you do your research when choosing a breeder.  Debra and Rick have gone above and beyond all my expectations of what a Boxer Breeder is and does.  The sensory training, the socializing experiences, the exposure to kids & noise, water and swings, and a whole lot more have made my Tucker a very confident boy.  He is pretty laid back for a young male pup of 9 months.  He gets along with every dog that he has come into contact with.  He loves our cat, and they play constantly.  He loves our other male Boxer Charlie who is 7 years old.  He is great with the grandkids.  He makes loving him quite easy.  I have had nothing buy good experiences with Tucker and Payton's Legacy Boxers.


Debra & Rick are no doubt in every way in love with each and every one of the puppies.  When we contacted them to purchase a puppy I knew this from that very moment.  They did not talk about price of the puppy or how soon I could pick her up they asked me... "Why I was the perfect fit for one of their puppies?"  I am so glad they accepted my answer.  "Penny" is our pup from Bubbles' first litter.  Penny is a super smart ball of channeled energy, she loves unconditionally, particularly in love with our toddler.  She is a great walking partner, and loves a good car ride.  She does not have any tactile issues and I attribute this to the "rules of 7" they do with the pups.  We are very happy with our choice to add Penny to our home and at some point may give her a friend.


A lovely combination of nature & nurture has led to a perfect bat watching, fireworks ignoring, thunderstorm appreciating companion.


Our new boxer Azora is a blessing.


Riley became part of our pack in the Fall of 2021 & we fell in love immediately.  She is an adorable, sweet and fun-loving girl.  We are amazed every day with how smart she is!  She loves walks, playing fetch and even goes skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.  She manages to keep up with our energetic six-year-old and also enjoys nighttime cuddles on the couch.  We have had boxers in our lives for almost 20 years and have never had a puppy that came to us who had been cared for so thoughtfully.  Debra and Rick are exceptional - the care and love that they put in to raising wonderful family members shines through.  Riley arrived crate trained, potty trained, socialized and even knew her name!  We are thrilled to have her as part of our family.

—The Campbells




I absolutely appreciate how much work and love you put into these puppies.  I felt included in their lives right from day one.  You made me feel like we mattered.  The love for your dogs and puppies was very evident.  I would not hesitate to adopt another puppy from you.


He's the best ever!  He's completed our family.


Sophie came to me with the sound skills to be a socialized & healthy boxer puppy.  Debra puts everything into raising the puppies from the time they are born to the time they go to their new families.


We feel very fortunate to have found Debra & Rick from Payton's Legacy Boxers.  We knew right from the start that it was a good match; we arranged a video call to talk and it was apparent how much knowledge and love for the breed that Debra had.  The whelping set up was inside the home, which we got to see in person on our first home visit at about 4 weeks, along with Humphrey's mom, Bubbles.  Debra and Rick are very easy going and took the time to answer all of our questions; we never felt rushed or pressured.  Before bringing Humphrey home, we were kept up to date with lots of pictures, videos, and updates, and we continue to be in contact.  Humphrey is now just over 6 months old, very healthy, happy, silly, playful, has a wonderful disposition and interacts well with both people and other dogs -- he is just a beautiful Boxer dog.

—Ola & Ben

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